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Dylan Maggiacomo: A Life Pursuing Service

The Journey to Recovery Requires Community Help, Dylan Maggiacomo

Dylan Maggiacomo serves on the board of Journey to Hope, a charitable foundation that provides funds for addiction treatment to Canadians who could not otherwise afford it. In his still-youthful professional career, Dylan Maggiacomo has observed that successful addiction treatment requires four qualities that aren't always available to those seeking help.

Treatment Is a Choice, Dylan Maggiacomo Says

Addiction treatment reduces symptoms and reduces the risk of returning to old habits. Before any constructive change is possible, Dylan Maggiacomo tells his clients, there must be a decision and a commitment to transform your life.

Changes in Thinking Occur One Thought at a Time

Anxiety, depression, and substance abuse disorders, often coexisting, cause thoughts, beliefs, and feelings to become distorted and confused. Inaccurate beliefs and confused thinking lead to bad decisions and unfortunate consequences.

Part of recovery is taking a careful, introspective look at thoughts and feelings to understand how they influence actions and feelings, Dylan Maggiacomo says. Pessimistic thinking leads to poorly planned actions. Recovery requires overcoming the exaggerations, misperceptions, doubts, deceptions, irrelevant concerns, and outright lies in self-talk. Changes in thinking is fundamental to overcoming addiction.

Changes in thinking occur one thought at a time, Dyland Maggiacomo advises. Thinking the way you always have leads to living the way you have always lived. Therapy shapes self-development in ways that lead to changes in thoughts and beliefs, followed by changes in mood, attitude, disposition, and destination in life.

Addiction Treatment Must Be Individualized

Treating comorbid substance abuse and mental health issues is extraordinarily complex. Many addicts come to treatment after many years of trying to use alcohol and drugs to manage the pain and stress they feel from long standing mental health concerns. Drugs serve as a readily available tool to distract, dull, and escape from the pain and tedium of day-to-day living. The problem is that prolonged substance abuse always makes mental health issues worse.

Attention deficits, anxiety, depression, delusionality, insomnia, mania, and memory problems all gain severity as addiction continues. Relationships inevitably suffer, with the experience of guilt, and the addict is impelled toward greater and greater substance abuse.

Effective therapy has to be tailored to the client. There is no one approach to recovery that works for every client. Counseling and treatment must address addiction issues and mental health concerns simultaneously, while uncovering and building on strengths of character that addicts in recovery did not even know they had.

Dylan Maggiacomo Points Out a Surprising Benefit of In-Patient Treatment

In-patient treatment supports patients as they go through the physical pain of coming off the substances to which they are addicted. It provides easy access to intensive therapy every day, and 24/7 support of crisis situations. But in-patient treatment has another benefit that is often overlooked.

In-patient treatment gives addicts a break from gossip.

Just about all of us are constantly exposed to gossip. It is not just a matter of misery loves company. Some immature individuals form their identity around who they are not, and seem to flourish on criticism and condemnation of others.

In-patient treatment removes addicts from harmful gossip. Confidential treatment gives addicts in recovery needed room to grow without constant assaults on their progress.

How Successful Is Dylan Maggiacomo's Approach to Therapy?

The success of any treatment regime is measured in lives changed. Dylan Maggiacomo respects the privacy concerns of his patients, but has approved the publication of comments from family members and staff.

Rick Y

“This place is absolutely special. I was a client here, a person who came in so broken I didn’t know what to do with my life. This place saved me. The treatment I got is priceless. The counsellors really do care about you and put their heart into everything they provide for you. Not only do the counsellors care but every staff member from the nursing staff to the chefs. This was my first treatment but from all those I met that have been to multiple, they all feel the same about how much the program works. If you need a safe place where people actually care about you and your progress to being your authentic self, I definitely recommend CFHH. Thank you for bringing me back to my true self.”

Angela M

“Words truly cannot express how grateful I am to the amazing staff at CFHH.I walked through the doors feeling defeated and left with a beautiful new perspective on life. I am so thankful they lead with kindness and compassion. The property is spectacular, and the classes are really informative. Lisa welcomed me in the house with friendly and encouraging words. Nicole and Tera are wonderful, they both take the time to listen and reflect with you in group. Randy and Debra are remarkable, they take your life seriously. Ken and Rob do a wonderful job not only ensuring clients are well fed but they greet you everyday with the best smiles. Shannon and Kithu are so friendly and will go above and beyond for you. Rachel is a phenomenal teacher! Rachel plans very thoughtful activities for the group that really help the healing process, she'll end up becoming your biggest cheerleader. I'm new to the aftercare program but so far I enjoy it. Julia is a great teacher and is very helpful when you reach out.

I will always remember my time at the Kirby Estate with fondness and gratitude. Thank-you to ALL!”

Lesley B

“CFHH is a place I'll always have in my heart. A place where I feel is like my second home. Councellers have showed me that there is people out there that really do care for you and your success. I did 45 plus 30 days and I still didn't want to leave. I want to thank every person who made me feel like there was hope for me. I was going on 14 years of addiction and now I feel better than ever. I would highly recommend coming here! Trust me, you won't be let down. Not only have I created a new life but I've created a new family here. It's awesome how much they care even after you leave here.”

Jennifer C

“I want to start by thanking the facility so much, I am beyond words for everything CFHH did for my daughter. My daughter would not be alive if it wasn’t for CFHH staff. This was her 3rd private treatment facility she went to, she did 30 days, 60 day program and another 60 day program.... she would stay clean and sober for a couple weeks than it was back to her ways. I felt so conquered, and knew it was a matter of time before I got the phone call that she had overdosed somewhere and was gone.

She stayed at CFHH for 90 days, the staff did not give up on her, they didn’t give up on us. I can not thank them enough for giving me my daughter back, alive, mentally in such a great head space. She has a new outlook on life and for the first time ever she has goals and drive. We still keep in contact and she is apart of their aftercare program.

Thank you thank you! You guys are amazing.”


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